Changes to the landscape are difficult to visualise due to the complexity and scale of landscapes and the layers of information they contain. Distilling this information into a single image or plan can be difficult and can alienate viewers unfamiliar with traditional presentation techniques. CAD and GIS image processing techniques have helped Ecoscape develop powerful methods of creating and assessing landscape visualisations to overcome this challenge. The use of 3D visualisations and photo montages enables the viewer to comprehend the changes to a landscape from any angle. Our team use 3D modelling for a variety of project applications including the resource, energy, infrastructure, legal and urban development sectors.

Our Services

Ecoscape’s 3D modelling capabilities include:

  • Visual impact assessment and shadow analysis
  • Terrain surface modelling
  • GIS seen area analysis
  • High quality photo montages
  • Built mass visualisations
  • Structure design and visualisation
  • 3D fly-throughs

Our Approach

Our Landscape Architects and Spatial Planners use 3D modelling for a variety of project applications ranging from simple visualisations of landscape master plans to detailed and accurate visual impact analysis.

3D modelling is used for visual assessments by creating a Digital Elevation Model from contour data and building elevations. This is then analysed from key view points to determine extent of visibility – this is known as ‘seen area analysis.’

Renders are generated in either 3D Studio Max Design 2010 or ArcGIS 9.3 and exported into Photoshop to generate photorealistic representations of the finished product. Our extensive photographic library of endemic and exotic vegetation is used in the production of these images.

These techniques are very powerful in communicating a realistic representation of a project to clients and the public.

Our Experience

  • North Quay Landscape
  • Kadidjiny Parkland and Playground (won national AILA Award 2012)
  • Baldivis Substation:  visualisation substation options in the suburb of Baldivis
  • Auzcorp v City of Fremantle:  modelling a future three story commercial building in Fremantle and undertaking a visual impact analysis for expert witness advice
  • Cape Lambert Power Station – modelling a proposed power station and undertaking Visual Impact Asessment
  • Newmont Boddington Gold LOM Project – Visual Impact Assessment and visualisation of LOM expansion


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