Tree-Stem Trapdoor Spider Translocation, Windarling Hills

Portman Iron Ore Pty. Ltd. employed Ecoscape to extract and relocate a colony of Tree-Stem Trapdoor Spiders from a proposed pit expansion in Koolyanobbing, WA.

Portman Iron Ore Pty Ltd proposed to expand their existing A Pit at its Koolyanobbing site, near Southern Cross, WA. A condition of the approval of this project was that a translocation trial to complement a management plan, be prepared to manage impacts to the Tree-Stem Trapdoor Spider (Aganippe castellum). The trial planned to excavate 38 burrows impacted by the A Pit Expansion project, extract the spiders and relocate them into newly made artificial burrows. The trial, was reasonably successful as five of the twelve individuals translocated showed various signs of ‘residency’.

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