Tom Price Walk Trail

Client: Tom Price Community Arts Centre
Ecoscape were commissioned by the Tom Price Community Arts and Cultural Centre to prepare a Trail Master Plan.

Trails are increasingly being recognised as valuable community assets, providing a range of benefits including increased tourism, economic benefits, educational opportunities and community participation.

A site visit and stakeholder workshop raised a number of trail issues which provided a comprehensive direction for the development of the Trails Masterplan.

From this process, three distinct trail types evolved relating to the landscape character, historical and cultural values and environmental aspects. The three trail types are multi-use, active and seasonal trails with links to existing infrastructure. A number of tourism, recreational, and educational opportunities exist which would be incorporated in the proposed trails, including historical, natural and cultural appreciation of the region.

The Trails Masterplan for Tom Price – Community Arts and Cultural Centre is an important stepping stone in developing a framework for the planning and implementation of trails within the Pilbara region. It will ensure existing and future trails are planned, managed, resourced, promoted and maintained in a sustainable manner.

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