Sienna Wood, Armadale WA

Commissioned by Stockland and the Department of Housing, Ecoscape collaborated closely with the client team, planners, engineers and architects to provide a considered, ecologically sustainable approach to the Sienna Wood housing development site in Armadale, WA.


Stockland in association with Department of Housing, are responsible for the delivery of around a quarter of the Wungong Urban Water Project in Brookdale, now known as Sienna Wood. The 300Ha of new urban and suburban centres, open space networks and environmental reserves are primarily connected via carefully modelled drainage systems. The green infrastructure network incorporates extensive analysis of the site’s function and character that is revealed through the vernacular choice of materials throughout the public domain; a comprehensive seed collection and propagation strategy that will ensure a strong link to sense of place, a connection to nature and genetic diversity. Ecoscape are an integral team member in the development of detailed development strategic planning documents including:

  • A survey of existing trees across the JV landholding cataloguing the location, species, health and habitat value of over 3500 trees.
  • Playground and exercise network strategy defining, styles, character references and walkable catchment analysis to plan integrated and inspiring play and healthy living opportunities across the project.
  • Urban design style guidelines detailing site relevant character themes across the project to inform design delivery in a consistent and environmentally sophisticated approach considering materials as a core to the design decision making process.
  • Detailed, collaborative and constructive responses to the Armadale Redevelopment Authority’s Policies from its inception.

We collaborated closely with the client team, planners, engineers and architects to provide a considered, ecologically sustainable response to the site and design rationale to develop an alternative approach to housing for the future in WA. The intensive vision brief process has informed the team and stakeholders on developing culturally and environmentally integrated rural landscapes into complex, mixed use communities that will complement the general shift in thinking about the way we live with and within the sensitive Swan Coastal Plain environs.

The project is currently at various stages of planning, design and implementation, with the first being completed in 2013.

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