Rutila Rail Flora & Vegetation Surveys, Pilbara


Ecoscape was engaged to undertake a Level 2 flora and vegetation assessment for a 200 km new railway corridor from Balla Balla near Whim Creek, to the Flinders Mines tenements in the Hamersley Range, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The field survey for this project was undertaken in 2014 and included an assessment of over 150 floristic quadrats, vegetation type and vegetation condition mapping and targeted conservation significant flora searches. The field survey identified 474 vascular flora species, including nine Priority Flora, and 59 vegetation types and mosaics, including one that is representative of a Priority Ecological Community (PEC) and another four that may be representative different subtypes of this PEC, another that may be representative of a different PEC and several Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem vegetation types.

The resultant report has recently been assessed the Environmental Protection Authority, with the level of assessment set as ‘Assessment on Proponent Information (A)’. The EPA has just released its report and recommendations for this project.

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