Parking Day 2013 Fremantle


The aim of international PARK(ing) Day, first started in 2005 by San Francisco firm/collaborative studio Rebar, is to re-imagine the way parking spaces could be used.

This year a variety of bays were created in both Perth and Fremantle, with local student groups, companies, cafes and passionate residents all getting involved. Through a process of communication and collaboration with the community and the Fremantle Government the Ecoscape team organised the allocation of a group of bays scattered through-out Fremantle. Despite some temperamental weather conditions on the day, the public hit the streets with transformations seen to bays outside X-Wray Café, behind Ginos Cafe, and on High Street, Market Street and Pakenham Street. There was an eclectic mix of parking bay designs on show.

Ecoscape constructed a “Green Room” on Market street in Fremantle. The structure was entirely sourced from recycled materials, including steel re-bar and artificial turf off cuts. The installation invited passers-by to relax and enjoy a coffee or a game of scrabble and simply observe the workings of the street. The main design rationale was to create a sense of enclosure from the street however maintain visual transparency through the space.

The various PARK(ing) day transformations present the lively community culture evident in Fremantle. The event challenges people to consider different functions for the street and reinforces the need for broad-based changes to urban infrastructure. ”In urban centres around the world, inexpensive curbside parking results in increased traffic, wasted fuel and more pollution,” says Rebar’s Matthew Passmore. PARK(ing) Day is about re-imagining the possibilities of the urban landscape.”

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