MCA & GIS Prioritisation of Remnant Vegetation

The Lake Chinocup Catchment Resource Management Committee (LCCRMC) engaged Ecoscape to undertake a multi-criteria analysis using spatial data to prioritise remnant vegetation for investment.

Multi-criteria analysis (MCA) was chosen as the best way of comparing the ecological values and risks of numerous blocks of remnant vegetation. Use of the existing spatial data allowed criteria related to these values and risks to be generated. An initial meeting was held with key stakeholders to determine suitable criteria of biodiversity assets and risks. Existing spatial layers were then examined to determine biodiversity assets and risks. A workshop was then held with local stakeholders including farmers, conservation agency representatives and members of the local catchment management group. The prioritised remnant vegetation blocks were spatially displayed at the workshop providing the stakeholders with instant feedback. The process was one of the first of its type conducted at this scale and was highly successful.

Spatial Analysis & Mapping


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