Karara 132kv Transmission Line Visual Impact Assessment



Ecoscape were sub-contracted by Strategen in 2008 to undertake a Visual Impact Assessment of Western Power’s proposed 132kV transmission line upgrade from Eneabba to Koolanooka. The purpose of this assessment was to assess the potential visual impacts of the various alignment options based on a visual landscape evaluation. The project was conducted in three stages, these were:

  • a visual landscape evaluation: to identify and evaluate the existing landscape values
  • a visual impact assessment: to identify potential visual impacts on the landscape
  • visual impact management: to determine visual management objectives and recommendations to mitigate potential visual impacts on the landscape.

From this analysis, visual landscape management zones and objectives were identified for the study area. Viewsheds and cross section analysis in GIS and the production of 3D models and photo montages were used to illustrate potential visual impacts and options to mitigate visual impacts.

Most of the transmission corridor occurs near areas of low public sensitivity and low scenic quality, therefore visual impacts are expected to be minimal. Visual impacts will be higher where the transmission line is visible from sensitivity level 1 and 2 routes areas such as the Midlands road near the town of Three Springs.

A number of typical management measures were recommended to reduce the visual impacts associated with the proposed infrastructure and achieve better compliance with visual landscape management objectives.

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