JH Abrahams & Mabel Talbot Park

Client: City of Subiaco

Ecoscape created a series of incidental signage elements interpreting the ecological and indigenous heritage of the site.

Ecoscape were engaged to prepare narratives and recommendations for interpretive signage designs for JH Abrahams and Mabel Talbot Reserves. The socio-cultural and bio-physical characteristics were researched and investigations led to the development of interpretive narratives based on the cultural heritage of Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups, current land uses and the ecological processes of each reserve.

Three scales of interpretation were designed for each reserve. Small-scale elements were conceived as incidental elements, built into existing paved surfaces. Medium-scale elements were designed to incorporate seating opportunities. Large-scale elements were used as markers for important points of interest within each reserve. Conceptual designs for each reserve were specified and documented for construction.

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