Geraldton Regional Flora & Vegetation Survey

The Department of Planning, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Conservation, the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia, the City of Geraldton and the Shire of Chapman Valley, engaged Ecoscape to undertake the Geraldton Regional Flora and Vegetation Survey.

The floristic quadrat-based survey resulted in almost 400 flora species being recorded in the area including 10 of conservation significance and range extensions for three species.  Floristic analysis using PATN and subsequent interpretation of the quadrat data resulted in the identification of 17 native vegetation communities, which were mapped over the entire study area that extended from Cape Burney to Coronation Beach, and inland to the Moresby Range.  Vegetation types of potential conservation significance were identified.

The report has been published by the Western Australian Planning Commission, and aims to provide a regional context for land use planning and environmental impact assessments affecting native vegetation in the Geraldton region.  The GRFVS report has also been adopted by the Environmental Protection Authority as Environmental Protection Bulletin No. 10.

Flora & Vegetation Surveys


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