Garvey Park Master Plan – Belmont, WA

Client: City of Belmont
Through a rigorous community consultation process Ecoscape have created the Garvey Park master plan for this sensitive environmental and social asset.


Garvey Park is a 38 Ha significant riverside park in the central Perth metropolitan area which has an abundance of high quality, valued riverside public space. It is used for a variety of recreation activities including kayaking, canoeing, horse-riding, mountain biking, dog walking and passive recreation.

In 1999 a Garvey Park Concept Plan was prepared for the City of Belmont by Ecoscape in conjunction with Stuart Green to improve public amenity whilst protecting environmental values. A revision of this previous master plan was required and the City of Belmont engaged Ecoscape to prepare a Master Plan and report to provide an overall strategic vision for the park, provide guidance for future improvements and be developed in stages for recreational and conservation purposes. Objectives included the preservation of the remnant vegetation, improvement in the areas of the park that are of poor ecological quality and enhance pockets of wetlands and fauna sanctuaries. Ecoscape researched and reviewed previous plans and reports, completed a thorough site analysis and identified opportunities and constraints. A community consultation process was undertaken, and based on the outcomes a Master Plan was developed and implemented.

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