Fremantle Cemetery


The site and task at Fremantle Cemetery involved the removal of the existing car-oriented space which consisted of dilapidated paving and an existing vehicular oriented arrangement. Our new design takes cues from Mondrian paintings (traditionally Mondrian paintings consisted of white ground, upon which he painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors) and gives preference to a universal access reflective pedestrian flow, whilst allowing for the occasional car to move through the space. Although the practicality of the carpark is still retained, foot traffic is given greater consideration to enable a more natural flow of people through the space. Highlighting and incorporating elements of the existing site, including large mature trees, built form and graves, Ecoscape has been involved with all aspects of external work. This included carpark detail, seating nodes and finishes including creative use of paving and concrete benches for reflection.

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