Flora & Fauna Surveys: Casuarina & Hakea Prison Sites


The Department of Corrective Services is looking at options to expand its facilities at Casuarina and Hakea Prisons.  Ecoscape was appointed to conduct Level 2 flora and vegetation assessments and Level 1 fauna assessments of native bushland surrounding the prisons.  The surveys incorporated desktop assessments as well as field surveys.  The flora and vegetation surveys included assessing and mapping vegetation and vegetation condition, and assessing the vegetation for inclusion in the EPBC-listed Endangered Banksia woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain Threatened Ecological Community or other conservation significant ecological communities.  Searches for conservation significant flora were also conducted.  The fauna survey included collecting a fauna inventory, identifying any conservation significant fauna species present or that may occur, and identifying and mapping Black Cockatoo habitat trees.  The Department of Corrective Services also requested the identification of areas of least impact if expansion of the existing facilities were to occur, considering factors such as maintaining ecological linkages, vegetation condition and fauna habitat.


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