East Fremantle Foreshore Master Plan

Ecoscape was employed by the Town of East Fremantle to develop a foreshore master plan to guide future development of the foreshore.


The river foreshore is one of the Town of East Fremantle’s most important assets as it contains physical, biological, cultural, aesthetic and recreational diversity. In fact, it is one the most diverse foreshore areas on the entire Swan Canning River system. The functioning of the foreshore is underpinned by important foreshore infrastructure such as seawalls, groins and headlands which limit the erosive forces of the river and help create and maintain sandy beaches which are a focus for recreation. Over the years the Town of East Fremantle has maintained and developed the foreshore on an as-needs basis. However with demand for the foreshore increasing the Town in association with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (Parks and Wildlife) realised that there was a need for a foreshore master plan to guide future development of the foreshore which Ecoscape undertook.

The master plan broadly examined the facilities that occur along the foreshore and identified which areas have the highest public use. During the process of formulating the master plan a number of big issues such as the alignment of the Riverside Road, the sale of Leeuwin Barracks and demand of foreshore recreation areas were considered.

The master plan identified a number of design changes to the foreshore which will enable a more coherent and sustainable foreshore environment. The designs will enhance recreation use, activate relatively unused parts of the foreshore, improve environmental management, generate civic pride and potentially provide increased revenue for the Town. A number of recommendations with a staged program and cost estimates are provided in the report.

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