Dunsborough Flora, Vegetation & Fauna Survey

The Water Corporation appointed Ecoscape to conduct a Level 2 flora and vegetation and Level 1 fauna survey of areas of proposed works in the Dunsborough area. The assessment included searches for conservation significant flora, determining if the area was included in a Threatened Ecological Community, and assessing the fauna habitat.


The Water Corporation is planning works in the Dunsborough area and required a Level 2 flora and vegetation survey and Level 1 fauna survey to identify environmental values and features of its potential works area.  The desktop and field assessment identified that the proposed works area corresponded with the buffer of, and potentially was located within part of, a Commonwealth-listed Threatened Ecological Community.  The proposed works area was also assessed for its value as Western Ringtail Possum and Black Cockatoo habitat, as well as for Southern Brown Bandicoot and other conservation significant fauna species.  After the field survey was completed, the Water Corporation revised its works area and potential impacts to these significant aspects were minimised or eliminated.


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