Cowcowing Threatened Flora Survey

Client: Algime of Australia


As part of a clearing application, Aglime of Australia was required to undertake a Threatened Flora survey of part of its mining tenement on Cowcowing Lakes, in the Western Australian Wheatbelt. Ecoscape was engaged to undertake this survey of approximately 7 ha, during which a population of a Western Australian and Commonwealth-listed Threatened Flora species was recorded. As a result, further surveys were conducted to identify the extent and size of the population on Aglime’s tenements (both unmined and previously mined) and over a wider part of Cowcowing Lake. These surveys identified a large population of this species over much of the Lake surface (although only associated with specific landforms and substrates), and that it readily recolonised specific parts of the previously mined areas. As a result of Ecoscape determining that the impact on the overall population of clearing within the clearing application area was likely to be insignificant, Aglime was granted a ‘Permit to Take’ rare flora and the clearing application was approved.

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