Corimbia Estate

Client: Stockland
Ecoscape have worked from site analysis, master planning, detail design and finally construction implementation to create the Corimbia Estate land development.


Ecoscape was engaged by the Stockland Group to provide landscape architectural and environmental services for the proposed Corimbia Estate in Perth’s northern suburb Landsdale.  The environmental investigations and landscape planning has ensued from inception through to implementation since 2006.

Ecoscape prepared an Environmental Assessment for Stockland to assist with the approval of a clearing permit application of Lot 75 Queensway Road, 64 and Part Lot 65 Kingsway Road and Lot 62 Alexander Drive, Landsdale for future residential development.   The report describes the existing environmental features obtained through surveys and addresses the ten clearing principles required to gain approval from the DEC.

Ecoscape’s Landscape Architects prepared detailed biophysical and sociocultural analysis provided context and a sense of place for the development in the visioning and structure planning phase.  This led to the preparation of a green infrastructure strategy, playground strategy and urban style guide.

Current and historic land use has defined the design philosophy with formal landscape reflecting the market gardens and natural landscape reflecting the remnant vegetation.  The proposed materials feature local timber and plant species cultivated from seed harvested from the site.  Advanced tree species including Banksia illicifolia, Banksia attenuata and Corymbia calophylla have been retained on site to form the basis of public open space areas.

Food production has driven themes within each of the formal public open space areas, which include ‘harvest’ and ‘bounty’.  These themes are intended to inspire the use of local food produce and a sense of community.

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