Cockburn Central West

Located 19km South of Perth, Cockburn Central West is identified as one of Perth’s key specialised activity centres providing recreation opportunities integrated with residential and commercial activity. As a denser urban precinct containing a range of functions to meeting the community’s growing demands, the design aims to set new benchmarks for Cockburn Central’s public realm and civic amenity.


The Cockburn Central West project includes a large POS parkland reserve that includes an existing wetland, streetscapes based on the principles of living streets and the community oval connected to the City of Cockburn’s new Active Recreation Centre (ARC) facility. These elements combined, form an integrated open space network with an exciting overlap of liveability, ecological function and recreational opportunities. The civic contribution of this project is to show how high density residential and commercial development can be connected to the local environment and provide connections to natural systems that are fundamental to people’s wellbeing.

The parkland reserve, including the wetland, is centrally located within the development with a playground, shelters, barbeques and grassed areas. A strongly articulated path network connects destinations within and across the park providing accessibility and a range of experiences. Innovative treatment of storm water designed in collaboration with Landcorp’s Civil Engineer, Arup and environmental restoration for the degraded wetland including extensive planting of local native species and weed control implemented in accordance with Ecoscape’s environmental management plan.  The wetland is a living system that will grow and transform over time providing habitat whilst also forming an integral component of Cockburn Central’s stormwater system through planted basins and checkdams that manage flows, allow infiltration and protect the wetland’s water quality.

The park’s recreational focus is a playground with shelters and barbeques situated on the wetland’s eastern shore. The playground features nature play elements, Melaleuca lanceolata transplants and a range of surfaces that enhance the sensory experience. The City of Cockburn’s standard shelters, designed by Ecoscape previously, provide shade and generous areas for socialising near the playground. The path network is used to define areas and contribute to the park’s design language. A main circuit path allows opportunity for jogging and walking and the boardwalk provides opportunities for closer interaction with the wetland. Large level changes between Midgegooroo Avenue and the playground presented an opportunity for a public vantage point from which to view the park and the retained Melaleuca groves provide more enclosed counterpoints near the wetland.

Streetscapes throughout Cockburn Central West were designed on the principles of living streets to provide a strong green armature for the built form. To ensure canopy cover throughout the development, high frequency street tree plantings were a priority for the consultant team. Ecoscape worked closely with Landcorp’s Civil Engineers, Arup, to identify planting locations coordinated with pedestrian use, vehicles and underground services. Tree species have been selected to allow a unified overall canopy for provide shade and protection whilst also providing legibility to individual streets that assists in orientation and wayfinding. Tree wells are designed with reservoirs to capture runoff and allow infiltration into tree root zones whilst also providing protection in the highly urbanised environment.

Installation of the oval, streetscape and landscape was completed in April 2017 with ongoing restoration of the wetland to occur over coming years in accordance with the management plan.

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