Beachridge Estate – Urban Development


Beachridge Estate is situated 200km north of Perth, in one of the most striking and biologically diverse regions. It is fast becoming a unique tourism destination surrounded by the Jurien Bay Marine Park, the Lesueur National Park and the Pinnacles Desert in the Nambung National Park. Potable water resources are not plentiful and with the existence of a shallow groundwater aquifer containing a thin freshwater lens, water conservation efforts are required at a total water management scale to achieve a quality outcome.

A renewed focus on performance of the site’s ecosystem culminated in the expansion of contemporary practices associated with Water Sensitive Urban Design, adaptation of cultural ideals and perceived economic restraints associated with the design and management of rural housing developments. The design aimed to encapsulate the broader landscape scale and values by maximising opportunities of the existing site geomorphology and plant biodiversity, and through experimental conservation resilience techniques.

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