Our Quality Assurance Policy & Objectives


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Ecoscape implements a comprehensive set of quality control measures across all aspects of the Company’s operation and has maintained Quality Assurance ISO 9001 certification since 2007.

Ecoscape’s certification covers the Quality Management System for the provision of consulting services in:

  • environmental sciences – biological services, environmental impact assessments, management plans and expert witness
  • landscape architecture – site and visual analysis, landscape planning, urban design, contract management and expert witness
  • spatial planning – visual landscape planning and impact assessment, spatial analysis, land use planning and 3D modelling.

An internal quality review process is applied to all project tasks.  Each document is carefully reviewed by senior members of the consultancy team and signed off prior to issue.  Draft documents are submitted to our clients for comment and acceptance prior to final production.



Ecoscape aims to provide high quality services within the fields of environmental science, landscape architecture and spatial planning through the framework of its ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


Ecoscape’s quality objectives are derived from the Quality Policy. The Company’s quality objectives are stated below along with the information that is used to indicate progress towards achieving the objectives.

(i) Provide professional services which meet or surpass the client’s expectations, which are provided in the client’s brief and our proposal. These are confirmed at the inception meeting.

This information is used to determine whether the client’s expectations have been met or surpassed; completed Client Feedback documents, N/CPARs for details of customer complaints and, minutes of staff meetings where they cover client feedback.

(ii) Provide better services through innovation.

This information is used to determine whether better services have been provided through innovation; minutes of staff meetings where work on current or completed projects has been reviewed. The innovation is to be identified and acknowledged by the client in the Client Feedback documents.

(iii) Complete work within the budget and the client’s time expectations.

This information is used to determine whether work (eg, for a customer project) is being completed on time and within budget; financial audit reports/minutes of projects and, minutes of staff meetings where work on current or completed projects has been reviewed.