Placemaking has arrived as a new key discipline in response to traditional “top-down” implemented urban design. In contrast to this, Placemaking is characterised by a local community driven “bottom-up” approach, which seeks to enhance the existing social glue within communities – encouraging them to come together towards a common vision of a resilient and diverse urbanism.

Placemaking is the process of creating vibrant and resilient local places which prove to be regenerative assets for the city. The ultimate result of a Place Making approach is the portrayal of the inherent ‘genius loci’ of a particular location – its unique story.

Our Services

Ecoscape offers a range of services in Placemaking including:

  • Biophysical and socio-cultural analysis of place
  • Community engagement and consultation
  • Manage cheap ‘quick win’ projects as catalysts for urban development
  • Establish and maintain collaborations between stakeholders to achieve collective ownership
  • Place activation plans
  • Create a framework from which the government and community can manage the place.

Our Approach

Ecoscape brings a multidisciplinary approach to the development and revitalisation of communities and the public realm. This approach considers the impacts of global trends, but reinforces and utilises the local assets of a place, reflecting the needs and aspirations of the public. We will help revitalise communities through leading and managing place making processes and bringing specialist community and economic strategy advice to a project. A dynamic Place Activation Strategy will be created which has the capacity to evolve over time. This strategy will incorporate vision and branding, strategic partnerships and a place management program. This approach is about building community support for development projects, giving investors and businesses the confidence to innovate and create place that the community will support and care for.

Our Experience

Ecoscape has been involved in restoration projects such as:

  • PARK(ing) Day, September 2013, 2014, Fremantle
  • Minor Urban Interventions Project, City of Perth
  • Kadidjiny Park and Playground, City of Melville
  • Booyeembara Park, City of Fremantle


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