Landscape assessment identifies key landscape values to assist in the development of landscape management strategies and design guidelines for future development within a site. Strategies will provide developers and stakeholders with guidelines that will ensure the appropriate management of landscape character and the retention of key landscape values. The process involves integrating the visual, cultural, biophysical and landscape values. The outcome is a narrative that gives meaning to the landscape which can inform the design and can provide a link to the history of the site, plus ameliorates the visual impacts.

Changes to the landscape are difficult to visualise due to the complexity and scale of landscapes and the layers of information they contain. CAD and GIS image processing techniques have helped Ecoscape develop powerful methods of creating and assessing landscape visualisations to overcome this challenge. The use of 3D allows the viewer to see and understand the changes to a landscape from any angle.

Our Services

Ecoscape offers a range of services in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments including:

  • Landscape Assessment to identify and evaluate the existing landscape and visual elements
  • Visual Impact Assessment to identify the likely visual impacts on the landscape
  • Terrain surface modelling
  • GIS seen area analysis
  • High quality photo montages
  • Built mass visualisations
  • Structure design and visualisation
  • 3D fly-throughs.

Our Experience

Ecoscape has been involved in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments such as:

  • Baldivis Substation Site Assessment, Western Power
  • Newmont Boddington Gold Life Of Mine Extension Project Via, Newmont
  • Nbn Boddington Visual Impact Assessment, Daly International
  • Communication Facilities Visual Impact Assessment, Daly International
  • Solar Farm Visual Impact Assessment, Verve Energy
  • South West Marra Mamba Visual Impact Assessment, Rio Tinto
  • Western Turner Syncline Stage 2 Iron Ore Mine
  • Visual Impact Assessment, Rio Tinto
  • Turee Syncline Iron Ore Mine Visual Impact Assessment, Rio Tinto
  • Cape Lambert Power Station Visual Impact Assessment, Rio Tinto
  • Strategic Borrow Pit Visual Impact Assessment, Rio Tinto
  • Solomon Visual Impact Assessment, Fortescue Metals Group Limited
  • Hackett’s Gully To Wells Terminal Transmission  Line Upgrade Via, Western Power
  • Nilgen Wind Farm Site Visual Impact Assessment, Pacific Hydro
  • Pinjar To Eneabba And Eneabba To Moonyoonooka Transmission Line Upgrade VIA, Western Power
  • VIA Roe Highway Stage 7, Roe 7 Alliance
  • VIA for South West Metropolitan Railway, Perth Urban Rail Development
  • VIA Gracetown Redevelopment, LandCorp
  • Dongara to Cape Burney Visual Landscape Evaluation, Department of Planning
  • Kwinana Landfill Tip Site Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment, Waste Stream Management Pty Ltd.


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