Environmental design is a broad ideological view that underpins a design approach which takes into account all particularities of an environment covering both social and biophysical aspects. This process requires detailed knowledge and understanding of a site and how this can be translated in to a suitable design outcome.

Our Services

Ecoscape considers environmental design to be an ideological approach which permeates all our services. The following services provide some examples of where environmental design can be applied:

  • urban design
  • landscape planning and analysis
  • environmental or ‘Land art’
  • small built structures design.

Our Approach

As a collaborative between landscape architects and environmental scientists, Ecoscape has a unique ecological perspective on urban transformations and the public realm. We believe the expression of ecology should mimic the function of ecosystems in an artful way. Central to this belief, is an understanding that the structure and process of nature is more significance than its image or form. Nature is a complex interwoven ecology of inputs and outputs, to understand these relationships our landscape architects work closely with environmental scientists. These ideas permeate our projects, at all scales. In every case our design philosophy reveals the complexities of an Australian ecosystem in an artful manner.

Our Experience

Ecoscape has been involved in restoration projects such as:

  • Rottnest Island Coastal Walk Trail
  • Beachridge Estate Urban Development
  • Booyeembara Park, Fremantle
  • Kadidjiny Park and Playground, Melville
  • Dom Serra Grove, Subiaco


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