If you have no plans for the 3rd April maybe you would like to consider taking part in the Great Cocky Count this year? It is a really important event to collect data about roost sites and the population sizes of Carnaby and Forest Red-Tailed Cockatoos in the region.

Registration needs to be in before the 20th March.

Join the Great Cocky Count

The Great Cocky Count is a Birdlife Australia initiative that creates a cockatoo survey involving citizen participation like you (and us)! The count takes place on one night in Autumn, and this years count will mark the 8th anniversary of the event. The Great Cocky Count originally started as a survey method for Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoos, and focused just on the roost sites around the Perth Metropolitan area, but over recent years has expanded to include Forest Red-tailed Cockatoos as well as sites across the southwest.

Birdlife Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to “achieving outstanding conservation results for our native birds and their habitats”. As the nation’s largest bird conservation organisation, Birdlife Australia is over 100 years old in Australia.

Employees here at Ecoscape are happy to contribute to what we see as an important survey and we urge you to participate as well. After all, it’s not asking a lot and helps to better understand and monitor cocky populations.

If you would like more info and to register, click on this link:


Thanks, and we look forward to your participation!

The Great Cocky Count Australia 2016 Ecoscape and Birdlife Australia - Carnaby Cockatoos

Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons: Author Ken Fairfax

Top photo courtesy of Wiki Commons: Author +gABy+