Australia is one of the driest inhabited continents but despite this has one of the greatest wetland diversities in the world. Wetlands and waterways hold significant values for ecological, agricultural, social and cultural purposes and provide habitat for a diverse number of fauna and flora. The term ‘wetlands’ refers to areas that are permanently, seasonally or intermittently waterlogged or inundated with water that may be fresh, saline, flowing or static. In Western Australia ‘wetlands’ commonly refers to basin or flat areas while the term ‘waterways’ is applied to channel wetlands (e.g. rivers, streams).

Our Services

Ecoscape’s wetland and waterways capabilities include:

  • assessment of wetland and waterway boundaries, management category and classification
  • wetland mapping
  • management plans
  • foreshore assessments
  • water quality monitoring
  • macroinvertebrate surveys
  • water dependant ecosystem studies

Our Approach

Ecoscape take a rigorous and scientific approach to all our wetland assessments and surveys in order to balance the needs of competing land uses with the conservation values of the wetlands and waterways.

Our Experience

Ecoscape has conducted wetland and waterway assessments in many regions of Western Australia and in different environments, including:

  • Review of the management category, classification and boundaries of wetlands in three priority areas of the metropolitan region,, Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Water quality and groundwater depth monitoring for various urban developments
  • Goegrup and Black Lakes Action Plan, South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council
  • Lake Monger Reserve Management Plan 2008-2018, Town of Cambridge
  • Development of a Decision Support System to prioritise wetlands throughout the Great Barrier Reef catchment, Commonwealth Department of Environment and Heritage
  • Waterways assessment of the Lockhart and Camm Rivers, Department of Water
  • Avon River Survey, Avon River Management Authority


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