Most mining and resource development projects result in some impact on the natural values of the environment. Consequently mining proposals often require ecological surveys and other environmental assessments to evaluate impacts on the natural environment. Ecoscape has extensive experience providing environmental consulting for mining & resource development companies.

Our Services

In the mining and resource development sector, Ecoscape’s areas of particular expertise are:

  • environmental approvals at all statutory levels
  • environmental assessment and management skills to obtain necessary statutory approvals
  • formal environmental assessments (PERs, ERs) to meet
  • EPA requirements
  • preparation of Program of Works (POWs) and Ground Disturbance Permits (GDPs) applications to meet DoIR/DEC environmental
  • approval requirements
  • botanical surveys including baseline flora and vegetation surveys (Level 1 and Level 2), targeted flora surveys for conservation significant (rare) species, risk-based assessments, vegetation mapping, conservation significant flora species translocation and vegetation and conservation significant flora monitoring
  • zoological surveys including vertebrate fauna assessments (Level 1 and Level 2 assessments), targeted assessments for conservation significant species, risk-based assessments, fauna habitat mapping, targeted short-range endemic invertebrate assessment, long-term fauna survey , monitoring programs, fauna monitoring and relocation
  • management plans
  • visual impact assessments.

Our Approach

Ecoscape ensures it is cognisant of all legislative changes that may impact on the mining and resource development industry. Our understanding of the latest changes to environmental regulations in Western Australia assists mining projects to meet these demands accurately. Ecoscape’s excellent reputation with industry regulators and stakeholders helps to quickly implement all aspects of mining and resources environmental management and meet the standards required by those regulators.

Our Experience

  • Various flora, vegetation and fauna assessments, Cloudbreak and Christmas Creek Operations, Solomon Rail Project, Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)
  • Visual Impact Assessment, Solomon Rail Project, FMG
  • Spring Flora and Vegetation Assessments for the Western Haematite Deposit Assessments, Ferrowest Pty Ltd
  • Flinders Flora and Fauna Surveys, Flinders Mines Limited
  • Mt Gibson Flora and Vegetation Surveys, Accent Resources Pty Ltd
  • Vegetation & Flora Report for Koolanooka South,
  • Mt Gibson Mining Pty Ltd
  • Flora & Fauna Assessment, Balline Garnet Mine,
  • Haddington Resources
  • Tree-stem Trap Door Spider Translocation (SRE), Windarling Hills, Portman Iron Pty Ltd


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