With over 20,000km of coastline as well as numerous rivers and lakes, foreshore development is an area of particular importance in Western Australia. To be successful, these developments must acknowledge and respond to the littoral environment in which they are situated. This requires a thorough knowledge of environmental and cultural processes that affect these sites.

Our Services

  • analysis of the bio physical and socio-cultural landscape
  • opportunity identification and location
  • site reconnaissance and mapping
  • community and stakeholder consultation
  • site rehabilitation and management plans
  • detailed design and documentation

Our Approach

Ecoscape uses spatial analysis tools to assess environmental values and to integrate them into site responsive design solutions. We are aware that successful interaction with stakeholders and communities is essential in providing sustainable developments. Ecoscape offers excellent knowledge of coastal management techniques and the performance of flora appropriate to local climatic conditions. Our design solutions are creative, innovative and sustainable to meet the needs of both the new and existing community.

Our Experience

  • Coral Bay Foreshore Management Plan, Department of Conservation and Land Management
  • North Coogee Foreshore Stage 1, Stockland / City of Cockburn
  • Lake Clifton Landscape Assessment, Cape Bouvard Investments
  • Lancelin Foreshore Land Use and Management Plan, Shire of Gingin
  • Mandurah Coastal Management Plan, City of Mandurah
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