Much of Western Australia’s environment is threatened by introduced feral animals such as cats and foxes or by an overabundance of native species such as kangaroos. Often overabundant native species are a result of land practices such as agriculture and pastoral activity. These trends threaten to destroy our native fauna and flora and degrade the natural environment.

Our Services

Ecoscape’s feral and overabundant species management capabilities include:

  • field assessment
  • feral fence design
  • control options
  • management and strategy plans
  • site specific databases
  • risk assessment
  • prioritising threats

Our Approach

Ecoscape develops strategies to minimise the threat and impact of feral and overabundant fauna. Our experienced team can conduct comprehensive site surveys to identify short and long term impacts caused by feral and overabundant fauna and develop innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to reduce these impacts. Ecoscape staff work within all the relevant codes of practice and legislation regulating the control of these species.

Our Experience

Database of feral and overabundant fauna, Department of Defence

  • Management of feral animals and overabundant kangaroos, Shire of Busselton
  • Guidelines for the Management of Feral, Weed and Overabundant Species, Department of Defence
  • Macropod Management Plan for the Gingin Airfield, Department of Defence
  • Biosecurity Risk Database, Department of Defence
  • Beat practice Management Toolkit, South Coast Natural Resource Management Inc
  • Coogee Beach Management Plan, City of Cockburn


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