Environmental planning is the process of facilitating decision making to carry out development with due consideration given to the natural environmental, social, political, economic and legislative factors.  Ecoscape ensures the delivery of best practise environmental planning that provides a holistic frame work to achieve sustainable outcomes for all projects.

Our Services

Ecoscape’s environmental planning capabilities include:

  • development of local and strategic Master Plans
  • integrated land use planning
  • access and infrastructure assessment and mapping
  • Trails Master Planning
  • Vegetation Mapping (aerial photographic interpretation, digitising, spatial analysis to target flora surveys)
  • Bushland Condition Mapping
  • Environmental Weed Mapping
  • Reserves mapping for Environmental Management Plans
  • Wetland mapping and assessment
  • GIS Analysis (preparation of data for GIS, dataset query and analysis)
  • Strong customer focus and problem solving skills

Our Approach

Ecoscape environmental planners use Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a specialist database and mapping program to analyse and illustrate spatial relationships. Environmental planning is a highly useful tool in the decision making process for a range of projects that Ecoscape can service, such as:

  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • Conservation planning and management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Trail Master Plans.

Ecoscape environmental planners are skilled in GIS and graphic design software and provide technical support to staff in the office and out on site with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and mobile mapping software that allows for efficient data collection in the field.

Our Experience

  • Visual Impact Assessment of transmission alignments – Western Power
  • Visual Impact Assessment of a wind farm – Pacific Hydro
  • Mid West Trails Master Plan – Shire of Carnamah
  • Hills Trails Master Plan – Shire of Kalamunda and Shire of Mundaring
  • Perth Biodiversity Project Assessments of Local Government Natural Areas – City of Rockingham, City of Gosnells, City of Cockburn.
  • Conservation Assessment of 4350 hectares of remnant vegetation across 9 shires in the wheatbelt – Department of Environment and Conservation
  • South Coast Region Vegetation Management Plan, – South Coast Natural Resource Management
  • Dataset query and analysis for the development of a state wide Water Demand Modelling Tool – Department of WaterMandurah Foreshore Focus, City of Mandurah
  • Geraldton Regional Flora Survey – Department of Planning and Infrastructure
  • Swan Coastal Plain Wetlands Review – Department of Environment and Conservation


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