Ecological restoration aims to ameliorate degradation of natural areas to preserve the unique natural values within each region. This process requires detailed knowledge and experience to understand the original local ecosystems and environment, define the nature and degree of the degradation, select appropriate, effective and sustainable restoration methodologies and identify what resources are required.

Our Services

Ecoscape offers a range of services in ecological restoration including:

  • baseline biological surveys
  • site mapping
  • landscape analysis
  • management and strategy plans
  • revegetation and weed management guidelines
  • selection of appropriate native flora for revegetation
  • recommendations for restoring suitable native fauna habitat
  • erosion, fire and disease management plans
  • provision of baseline data for future monitoring.

Our Approach

Ecoscape recognises the importance of developing a credible, reliable and sustainable method and process for restoring natural areas to meet DMP and EPA requirements. During the restoration process we focus on the different site features, such as soil characteristics and landform, to divide the area into different domains and select their most appropriate end land uses and determine their restoration constraints. Ecoscape then develop the following items for each domain: practical completion criteria and key performance indicators; a methodical restoration strategy, and; monitoring and maintenance programs. Our rehabilitation plans utilise innovative management strategies to reverse or minimise any damage, protect significant environmental features and enhance the recovery of natural ecosystems. Ecoscape’s work has allowed new restoration techniques from leading scientific institutions to be successfully implemented within large landscape contexts associated with mining and infrastructure projects.

Our Experience

Ecoscape has been involved in restoration projects such as:

  • Roe Hwy Stage 7 Revegetation and Landscaping Plan, Main Roads WA
  • Moora Chert Mine Rehabilitation and Mine Closure Plan, Simcoa
  • Lang Hancock Railway Weed Assessment, Calibre Engenium Joint Venture
  • Port Hedland Revegetation Sites, BHP-Billiton
  • Sawyers Valley Substation Revegetation, Western Power


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