Ecoscape is excited to announce that our ideas project “ANEC” (Australia’s Northern Eco City) has been featured on ABC National news on both ABC 24, the 24 hour news channel as well as being spotlighted on the ABC morning breakfast program nationally.

David Kaesehagen, our Managing Director, was interviewed by ABC journalist Erin Parke on the shores of Lake Argyle, the setting where we propose a new modestly sized city might be located.

Here is the article:

Lake Argyle in Western Australia’s remote Kimberley suggested for future ‘second capital’

By Erin Parke

There has long been talk of the need to more densely populate Australia’s north, and Lake Argyle, on the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, has been earmarked by an architecture company as the ideal location.

Apart from centres like Cairns and Darwin, much of the top end remains empty, with the isolation and climate proving a difficult sell.

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