Erosion Control Works at Point Fraser.

Significant vegetation loss and erosion has been evident since early 2011 along the Swan River foreshore at Point Fraser. This was temporarily restored and stabilised between 2003 and 2006 using endemic vegetation and bioengineering techniques, however due to an extended period of inundation and associated environmental conditions; the river has subsequently reclaimed copious amounts of vegetation along the foreshore.

The City of Perth engaged environmental consultant Ecoscape and coastal engineers MP Rogers to investigate the causes for this deterioration in foreshore condition and provide options for enhancing foreshore stability. Erosion control works have now commenced along the riverbank at Point Fraser, south of the Causeway Bridge and eastern gateway to the city centre.

The project includes an innovative gabion sedge trial of approximately 160 m in length, The trial is to test for two factors; the most appropriate local native sedge species that can successfully establish in gabion cages and the most appropriate gabion design to enhance plant survival and establishment.. From the photo you can see Ecoscape’s innovative design to both revegetate and provide stability to the shoreline. The 12 monitoring period will include statistically analysis and interpretation.

The findings of this trial will inform future erosion control works both for the City of Perth, and other local government areas; with the potential to be applied across other similar erosion control projects. The information will also benefit other government organisations such as the Swan River Trust.  Final results for the trial should be completed by the end of June 2016….stay posted!

The erosion control works also include creation of a beach area adjacent the bike and kayak hire, to allow recreational visitors a formalised access point to the Swan River.

Ecoscape is also excited to announce that this project has been nominated for a Premier’s Awards 2015 for Excellence in Public Sector Management!

Read more information on the City of Perth website here: