Ecoscape is excited to announce that it received the top prize in the state for Landscape Planning for it’s work on creating The City of Fremantle’s Urban Forest Plan.

According to the judging panel “The jury commends this innovative urban forest plan, which is informed by a thorough analysis of the complex natural, historical, socio-economic and cultural fabric of Fremantle. The plan is focused on community well-being and environmental value, as well as creating an equitable approach to targeted tree canopy coverage. Species selection is carefully tailored to reflect the unique character of each precinct and engagement with active community groups was carried out in each precinct to engender local ownership and advocacy of the Strategy.

The panel was particularly impressed with the strategy, structure and format of the document. The document clearly articulated the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the strategy and implementation plan, including measurable and costed actions to be achieved over a 10-year period. The content of the Strategy was very well supported by meaningful and legible graphics. The City of Fremantle now has a clear, achievable and importantly measurable way forward in improving its urban forest.

To read more about the project or to download a PDF copy of the document visit the City of Fremantle’s website here.