Ecoscape expands Environmental Consulting capability with former <em>ecologia</em> Environment staff

Ecoscape is excited to announce we have added seven new staff to expand our already impressive environmental consulting department. All seven of the new staff are previous employees of ecologia Environment, bringing with them a range of new skills and valuable experience in all areas of environmental work in Perth, throughout Western Australia and internationally.

Our new staff elevates our already industry leading flora expertise adding additional taxonomic capability and more comprehensive environmental approval experience and coastal management expertise to our capabilities. The additions to our fauna team now gives Ecoscape one of the best environmental fauna teams in the state, able to offer a complete range of fauna related environmental consulting services, ranging from large scale baseline surveys, through to long term monitoring. This newly expanded capability means we can now serve our clients better than ever and with more environmental consulting services than ever before.

We would like to welcome these new Ecoscapers to the fold:

Marc Wohling
Principal Environmental Scientist

Marc is an ethnoecologist with extensive experience in environmental approvals and permitting and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). He has completed ESIA processes at a State, national and international level. This includes meeting International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards for major international projects.

Kellie Bauer-Simpson
Principal Ecologist / Botanist

Kellie has 16 years’ experience in the environmental consulting industry in Perth. She has managed and contributed to a wide range of projects throughout Western Australia for all levels of government, infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, planning and research applications.

Astrid Heidrich
Senior Zoologist

Astrid has been a zoologist for over 10 years and has worked as an environmental consultant at ecologia Environment for the past seven years. She has planned, managed and conducted multiple large scale vertebrate and invertebrate fauna projects throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Astrid is also highly experienced with ArcGIS providing additional detailed mapping capabilities to the Ecoscape team.

Damien Cancilla
Zoology Team Leader

After graduating from Murdoch University with an Honours degree in Conservation Biology/Environmental Science, Damien has been a zoologist with ecologia Environment for over nine years, with the last four years spent managing the zoology team. Damien has planned, managed and conducted multiple large scale terrestrial vertebrate, SRE and subterranean fauna assessment, and conservation significant fauna monitoring projects across Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Dr Udani Sirisena
Botanist / Taxonomist

Udani holds a Doctorate in Plant Taxonomy from the University of Adelaide. While working in environmental consulting, she was also employed as a Research Scientist at the Western Australian Herbarium since 2010. Udani has extensive experience working on biological survey projects carried out in all bioregions of Western Australia.

Dr Andrew Craigie
Botanist / Taxonomist

Andrew specialises in plant species identification and completed his doctorate at Flinders University, specialising in the taxonomy, molecular phylogenetics and conservation genetics of Frankenia (sea-heaths) in Australia. He has conducted numerous flora and vegetation surveys in the Pilbara, Murchison, Kimberley, and Coolgardie bioregions of Western Australia.

Christopher Parker
Environmental Scientist

Chris has extensive prior experience in project management, coordinating and undertaking flora and vegetation surveys, and flora and fauna monitoring surveys throughout the Southwest, Midwest, Wheatbelt/Goldfelds, Kimberley and Pilbara regions of WA.

More information about the new staff can be found here.

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