Ecoscape is delighted to announce that we have been selected as a “Preferred Supplier for Natural Area Management and Environmental Consulting Services” for Western Australian local governments through WALGA.

What does this mean?

This means that Ecoscape has been pre-screened by WALGA as being suitable for all local government environmental consulting services in Western Australia. According to the WALGA website: “Local Governments are invited to access pre-qualified environmental and sustainability consultants via a competitive quotation process under the Panel. In order to achieve the best value outcome from the Panel, WALGA recommends requesting quotes through eQuotes by forwarding a specification for the required services to the appropriate number of providers.”

In regards to pricing this ensures that “All Preferred Supplier s under this Panel are legally required to provide their best prices and conditions of supply to Local Governments purchasing through the WALGA Preferred Supply Contract. WALGA has secured preferential Preferred Supplier rates which include discounted hourly consultancy fees and disbursement charges that represent greater value than individual Local Governments are able to obtain independently.”

More information can be obtained from the WALGA website here:

To view more information about Ecoscape and our services as they relate to WALGA and all local government, we have some handy informational PDFs here:

Ecoscape Resources Summary

Environmental Consulting Services Summary for Local Government

Ecoscape Corporate Responsibility

Ecological Studies in a Local Government Context

Feral and Pest Animal Control Services for Local Government

Fire Risk Management Services for Local Government

Wetland Restoration Services for Local Government

Coastal Morphology Environmental Services for Local Government